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Isidra Person-Lynn is The PR Person

Welcome to our place on the net, which is a portal to all that we do here:  Public Relations, Video Production, Web Coordination, Social Media, Voice-Overs, Writing, and Teaching.

Here are the web and social media sites we maintain:

As of  late 2012, we wrapped Sunday Morning Live after 100 episodes.  All interviews will be posted on  our channel over at unless it is an audio interview.  In that case it may still be on Blog Talk Radio here or here. We also use Spreaker, Podomatic or Sound Cloud. We have many other accounts too, so scroll below to see a full list.

In late 2010, we started a weekly radio show titled  Sunday Morning Live (@10 a.m.) on Blog Talk Radio, patterned after a show by the same name I once did on KACE FM. At this writing, Dec. 11, 2012 we have produced 100 shows which thousands of listeners and hundreds of guests have participated in.  We are now providing our interviews on You Tube, since we offer video production services. But our body of work is still there!

To listen to the shows (live or on demand) visit:

For numbers and websites announced on the show, plus more news we collect, visit the show blog at

I run another 30 minute show at

To go to our You Tube Channel, please visit

I love my WordPress blogs (this one which is




This is my Tech blog titled “Isidra Gadget.”

Of course, for up to the minute musings, join me on Facebook (and be sure to read my “Notes”) or Twitter! Check us out over there if this page seems stuck in a different time zone.

My love these days is video reporting–which many call Vlogs. Check out my “Walking and Talking in L.A.” series at my You Tube channel. More about that on the video tab.

Quick Look:

Personal Website:  or (They are pointed to the same “house”!)




Blog Talk Radio  – Sunday Morning-Live here  And Isidra – here




Sound Cloud



You Tube




WordPress Sites:
Isidra Gadget (first generation-until 2008)
Wooten J School (Journalism class for young students of the Wooten Center, Los Angeles Summer 2012)
Social Media:

Linked In






Client or Former Client Sites:
Derrick’s Jamaican Cuisine:
Heritage Appointment Books:

Johnson Products’ No Excuse Campaign: Click Here

Afrikan World Civilizations:

Johnson Products Media Page:
For Johnson Products Going to DC to Fight against Domestic Violence, Click Here
For the Urban Media Institute (Youth Journalism), Click Here
My Documentary:
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Questions to ask your videographer

It may seem expensive what your video crew will charge and this is why:

Each video production needs:  A writer, a producer, a camera (wo)man (usually two), art or photography, lighting, sound, and they must purchase a hard drive for all the footage to be delivered to you.

So, when you hire a videographer, ask if the price includes editing, stock art, photography, etc.  Most people can’t do a thing with raw footage and editing takes hours.

Check out our favorite video team:

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Class Coming Soon: Interested in PR Tips?

My fellow colleagues and I are planning a half day seminar on public relations for your business.

  • The basics of writing a press release
  • Setting Up Press Conferences
  • Setting up Media Mailing lists tailored to your business.
  • talking to the Media
  • Booking Talk Shows
  • Print or web newsletters.  What shall it be?
  • Do I need a website?

Plus, we will take questions from you now to answer on that day. Gather up your media coordinators and send them along for the day.  If you are interested, please send an email to me at

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Welcome to My World!

It’s only been forever since I updated my own site, and my how things have changed. When I assembled my team of reasonably priced and deadline oriented web designers, I stopped creating websites for clients.

Of my friends who design, I was one of two lone holdouts who design with Front Page, the much maligned Microsoft product.  Dreamweaver had been the industry standard. Since I purchased a new iMac, I created a PC side so I could continue to use my favorite PC software.  But I could not find that Front Page disc anywhere!  Little did I know that Front Page had long been phased out. (By now I was primarily blogging anyway, while my own websites remained unattended. ) Not only that, there are many industry standards that have changed and along with it there is a new alphabet soup: CSS, asp, PhP, and the list goes on.

I searched high and low and tried many options.  So far, the best I have heard of through my various gurus is  In essence,  this site is my second attempt to use WordPress.  The first is

A word of explanation.  I have many WordPress blogs.  But, you can also use the free templates at WordPress to create static websites which are not predicated on blog posts.

For me, a website has always been a brag book, but now it is my portal so that I can do all the things I enjoy–in one place:  Show my pictures, videos, writing, music, audio interviews and even live remotes via UStream.  If you remember my name, you can get there!

And that, my friends , is what you will see here as the development continues…!

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